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What's the size of the pellets?

Normally, the diameter is 6mm or 8mm are most popular world widely. Length 10-30mm. Pellets in size 2.5mm to 12mm are available with a changeable matrix of different sizes.


What's the size of the Briquettes?

A diameter from 30mm to 90mm is available. But one machine only can get one size, the length is adjustable and it is quite easy. One machine can produce different shapes of briquettes like square, cylindrical and etc. But remember only one diameter for one machine.


Can I adjust the pressure of the pellet press to mill different materials?

Yes, there are screws on the pellet press that adjust to varying the pressure of the pressure wheel for different materials. There seems to be a "feel" you will need to develop to make good pellets.


What's the best moisture content and material size for KJ pellet press?

We suggest a moisture content of 15% and a size less than 3mm in diameter. Of course, it is not always right, please make more experiment with your own material as different material has different features.


How can I get the moisture content in my raw material?

Control the moisture content in your raw material will let you make good quality pellets. KJ Machinery offers the moisture detector, please check with us if you want to order. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Can a Homeowner Really Make Their Own Wood Pellets?

YES! Many of our clients are homeowners who want to learn how to make wood pellets or biomass pellets with a small pellet mill in their garage. Most initially purchase a pellet mill to make fuel for their own needs. They then realize they can produce far more than they need, and then sell the pellets to friends and family. Others then start small local wood pellet plants producing fuel pellets


How many pellets can I make per hour?

You will need to experiment, but the normal rule is 20 pounds per hour per HP. The first ten minutes will not make many pellets because the die has to heat up. Once it's hot the pellets start coming out, but LOTS depends on the material you are trying to pelletize.


What holds the pellets together?

When natural materials such as sawdust are compressed as in the pellet mill, the pressure plus the heat caused by the milling produces a natural substance called lignin. This makes the pellets hold together. However, depending on how dry the material is, additional moisture may have to be added as you make pellets. This may be as simple as spray the material with a little water, There are also all-natural binders on the market that can be added to the material you're pelletizing.


How fast can you make delivery of the pellet press?

We have stocks for the basic model of pellet press, we can make delivery in one week upon your payment for pellet mills with diesel engine or pellet press with 380V/50HZ/3phase electric motor, if you have special requirements for the engine, it will take a bit longer time. But I am sure the delivery time is also satisfactory. Don't worry, please.