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EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) are no longer a waste of oil palm industry and just been threw away. They are now recycled to make pulp & paper, mattress, EFB pellets or briquettes, organic fertilizer and etc. To make pulp & papers, or mattress, first EFB should be changed to long fibers.

1. EFB Fibre making machine - hammers with 4 cutting corners
Output fiber length: 50-200mm
Hammer EFB Fibre Making Machine can produce 1 ton to 8 tons fresh EFB Fibre per hour. We keep improving of our technology and design for EFB Fibre Making Machine,our EFB Fibre Making machine can maximum keep the fiber length and quality.
Types KJ-EFBF-55 KJ-EFBF-110 KJ-EFBF-185
Engine Power 55kw 110kw 185kw
Production Capacity 1-2T fresh EFB/h 3-8T fresh EFB/h 4-10T fresh EFB/H
Feeding Size 600*550mm 800*650mm 950*700mm
Qty of Blades 24pcs 36pcs 42pcs
Machine Dimension 2400*1800*1500mm 3000*2300*2000mm 3800*3000*2300mm
Machine Weight 2800kgs 4800kgs 5800kgs
Motor Power: 380V/50HZ (Customized available)
Electric control panel: will be quoted and delivered together with EFB Fiber making machine.
Feeding and discharging conveyors: It depends on customers\' demands, so they will be ordered separately upon your needs
Durable hammer blades with 4 cutting corners,  made from alloy tool steel. When one cutting corner is worn down, turn to others. One set of hammer blades has long working life as 4800 hours. (8 months if 20 working hours per day). Low spare parts cost.
It just takes some seconds to change the Fresh EFB into golden EFB fiber.
EFB Fiber Making Machine for our Thailand customer, shipped in the beginning of August. Has some improvements according to customer\'s requirements.
KJ-EFBF-185 for Malaysian customer, to make Palm EFB Long Fiber for mattress.
Click the VIDEO to watch Real Operation
2. EFB Shredder - with rotating cutting knives
Output fiber length: 10-35mm
EFB Shredder can be used as primary size reducing equipment in pellet or briquette line, or a size reducing machine after efb press for making organic fertilizer. Output fiber from EFB Shredder has length of 10-35mm. They can be used for making briquettes directly, while making pellets, user needs a hammer mill to grind them into small sizes.

1. Type number: KJDS3135D

Main electric motor: 37KW, 600rpm (customized available)

Capacity: 1-3Tons per hour. (Depending on Moisture Content of EFB, when the MC

over 30%,output will close to max)

Input window: 350*180mm

Input belt conveyor: 4m

Output belt conveyor: 10m

Machine size: 2700*1700*1450mm

Weight: 2700kgs


2. Type Number: KJDS315D

Main electric motor: 45KW, 630rpm(customized available)

Capacity: 3-6Tons per hour.(Depending on Moisture Content of EFB, when the MC

over 30%,output will close to max)

Input window: 460*200mm

Input belt conveyor: 4m

Output belt conveyor: 10m

Machine size: 2700*1800*1450mm

Weight: 3800kgs


3. Type number: KJDS316D

Main electric motor: 55KW, 600rpm(customized available)

Capacity: 6-8Tons per hour.(Depending on Moisture Content of EFB, when the MC

over 30%,output will close to max)

Input window: 600*250mm

Input belt conveyor: 6m

Output belt conveyor: 10m

Machine size: 3100*2000*1500mm

Weight: 4680kgs


4. Type number: KJDS318D and KJDS318D+

Main electric motor: 110KW-132KW, 600rpm(customized available)

Capacity: 10-15Tons per hour.(Depending on Moisture Content of EFB, when the MC

over 30%,output will close to max)

Input window: 750*300mm

Input belt conveyor: 6m

Output belt conveyor: 10m

Machine size: 3500*2400*1900mm

Weight: 8300kgs

Projects: EFB gasification plant, EFB power plant, EFB pellets Plant, EFB fertilizer production.
Since year 2014, the research and development of palm oil/coconut EFB process machinery has been continued by our sister company YDF Industrial, gradually Automated EFB Shredder, EFB fiber crusher, Palm EFB Pellet line have been installed in Malaysia.Also we attend palm oil related exhibition in Indonesia since year 2015 in the name of YDF Industrial. For more information, please move to website, THANK YOU!