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EFB Pellet is the product manufacture from shredded EFB fibre


EFB Pellet is the product manufacture from shredded EFB fiber. 

The deficiency of shredded EFB such as bulky in volume, high moisture, and low net calorific value is improved after being manufacture become EFB pellet. EFB pellet also is classified as a pellet energy source such as sawdust pellet.

After going through the pelletization process, shredded EFB fiber becomes EFB pellet which becomes a reliable biofuel resource. Below is the basic specification for EFB pellet.

Malaysia is well known for oil palm agriculture, and shredded EFB fiber is the by-product of the industry. Converting shredded EFB fiber becoming EFB pellet is a major contribution to renewable energy.


Advantage for EFB Pellets:

  • EFB pellet with Low Moisture in Nature

The moisture for EFB pellet is about 8-12% whereby compare to the Shredded EFB fibre, the moisture always hit between 50-60%. This also imply that the transport cost save substantially because a big portion of moisture is eliminated.

  • High Heating Energy and Efficiency

Dry EFB pellet also means the burning condition is more effective and user is able to retrieve better efficiency and predictable result. The pellet wills thoroughly combustion in the boiler chamber and only 5% of substance left over as ash content.

  • EFB pellet Easy Handling and Storage

The pellet will pack in a jumbo bag with a weight of around 700-800kg per bag. In a standard 20ft container, we are able to pack 40 jumbo bags, which mean a 20 feet container we are able to ship around 28MT of EFB pellet.

  • Easy Control and Broad application

Pellet size is small in dimension and easy for repack if house-hold application is needed. Some of the pellet is repacked into convenient bag size in order selling to end user for BBQ burning substance.

  • Pellet Suitable for most boiler grating system

The pellet normally comes in 8mm diameter and length about 20-30mm. This is also a suitable dimension for most of the boiler input grate.

  • EFB pellet Generate Low to No smoke during the Combustion

Air pollution is one of the hot topics that always draw many users’ attention. One of the significant advantages for pellet is that it will not generate smoke or fume during the combustion process, which means very minimum particulate being discharge to the air.

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