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European biomass pellets market increases, so as Japan and South Korea.

The European biomass pellet market consumed 19 million tons of wood pellets in 2013

-          10 million tons in the heat sector

-          9 million tons in the power sector.

The heat sector is growing at least as rapidly as the power sector. The average price of residential wood pellets has increased by about 40€ per ton over the past two years. The largest European producing countries are now Germany, Sweden, Latvia, and Portugal. The largest European consumers are the U.K., Denmark, Germany, and Italy.

In Asia, both Japan and South Korea intend to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and increasingly reply on renewable energy in the future. As a consequence, both countries will increase their importation of wood pellets and energy chips from other countries in Asia and from North America in the coming years. Like from Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada and the US.