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Tree Stump Shredder



  • Pre-shredder for difficult material such as tree stumps or hardwood trunks
  • Rotor with knives in a variety of tooth patterns and sizes.
  • Counter-knife variants
  • Specially adapted screen rod sizes
  • High torque, low shaft speed
  • Robust and Heavy-duty, capacity: 10-60T per hour tailor-designed
  • The engine can be an electric motor or diesel generator
  • Can be movable with the wheels or crawler

Wide variety of input materials :

  • Municipal and commercial solid waste
  • Residual production materials
  • Wood waste
  • Root wood

Machine Pictures

tree stump shredder tree stump shredder


Types KJSS1400 KJSS2100 KJSS2800
Main Motor 

Diesel 130hp Or

Electric 110kw

Diesel 220hp Or

Electric 160kw

Diesel 310hp Or

Electric 220kw

Rotor 2pcs 2pcs 2pcs
Rotor size dia600*1400mm dia760*2100mm dia600*2800mm
Rotor speed 42rpm 42rpm 42rpm
Qty of Rotary Knives   64pcs 96pcs  128pcs 
Output chip size 80-200mm 80-200mm 80-200mm
Capacity  18-20T/H 23-25T/H  38-40t/h 
Weight 12000kgs  18000kgs  20000kgs 

 Rotor and screen:

tree stump shredder tree stump shredder