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Rotary Drum Dryer

A rotary drum dryer for removing moisture from many products including but not limited to sawdust for wood pelleting and pressed fire logs, wood shavings for animal bedding and etc. If you are going to make wood pellets or wood briquette, but the sawdust have moisture content ike 30% or 50%, they must be reduced to 10% around according to your raw material.

The drying system is composed of heater, main rotary body, Screw conveyor, cyclone separator, air-lock, fan and matched pipes. When the cylinder rotates, internal flights lift the sawdust and shower them down through the interior of the shell; drying takes place due to direct contact of the hot air with wet material.

Due to the international shipping container size limitation, the biggest rotarry drum dryer we have desinged is to reduce 1200kgs moisture per hour. If your raw material has 40-50% moisture, you will get around 2000kgs dried material from this rotary drum dryer in one hour. While if your raw material has less MC, you will get more dried material. In case you are looking for more output. We suggest you considering two or three drying sytem, or check with your local dryer suppliers.

We can install your entire dring system from the ground up or we can help you pick and choose what parts we will do and what parts you can do yourself to help keep costs down. Just like the heater(furnace or stove), it is recommend construct it in your factory by your worker, we will supply the drawings.